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Kanaan Fire & Safety W.L.L


KANAAN is one of Qatar’s premier organizations with more than 35+ years of experience in the Qatar market, KANAAN benefits from dedicated resource capability as part of its Customer Relations Management (‘CRM’) strategy, focused on understanding Client requirements and accurately matching to resource capability and constraints through a business ‘end-to-end’ or ‘joined-up’ process, that is defined by Client’s needs. The CRM process is driven from core competencies developed from leading KANAAN processes, institutional guidelines, and industry best practices, including experience working within similar business sectors and staff know-how’ gained from the long time of working in the GCC market providing Planned construction of ELV services.

Mission & Vision


In order to assist the rapid deployment of technology of the current market and its future needs, Kanaan wants to ensure that everything the company does is tailored to meet the needs of its many types of costumers across the country and region


With a constantly evolving product portfolio, Kanaan goal is to provide strategic solutions that will add technical value to projects by creating, modifying, enhancing and implementing innovative approaches to the latest technology.
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